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I’ve recovered from my fit of (not unprovoked) pique yesterday, aided by a semi-sincere apology. We’ll leave it at that, shall we?

We are in the midst of a heat-wave! I feel like I’m melting a bit. The temps reached the mid- to high thirties (that’s celcius) today. My poor roses are so parched they are looking like potpourri on the bush! (Despite me popping out multiple times to spritz them with water!)

I saw a new SA bank note today. (They have been in circulation for a while already, but I just don’t deal much in cash anymore. It’s nearly always plastic).

I absolutely love it!







Our Madiba looking so dapper 🙂

My little origami buddy, Zander, came over this afternoon, and we folded soon cool stuff! 🙂

We did some paper guns (what is it with little boys and guns?), an origami finger game (remember those from school?) a quite intricate sword that came out very nicely, a dinosaur that did not, a semi-waterproof boat and a pinwheel. Oh, and an army cap, but he wasn’t very thrilled about that one because it didn’t have a flap that goes down the back of your neck and around your ears, lol.










The finger game ↑

The gun ↓






Next time, we’re gonna do an inflatable pig, and a frog that hops. He is surprisingly good with this stuff for a six year old! Probably going to overtake my skill level before long 🙂

Phew! It is crazy hot. And we barely have a window open in the place. We haven’t had since we were burgled in January and realised what ridiculous excuses for burglar-proofing we have on the windows! At least we have a fan on in our bedroom and the fan-light window at the top open. For what it’s worth.

I absolutely have to go and do some grocery shopping tomorrow, so will have to brave the heat. Also, I want to get started on my gym program to strenghen my back muscles. That part I am looking forward to – I get to swim in a nice cold pool.

As I sign off, here is some comic relief in the form of my ‘Movember Moustache’. Hee hee. Thanks to Sharon for the link to (where you can whip up your very own ‘stache’ in minutes.



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November 19, 2012 at 11:40 pm

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  1. He loves loves loves his origami visits


    November 23, 2012 at 2:36 pm

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