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So hot still!!

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Sjoe, this heat-wave is clapping everyone out. It is constant, and quite debilitating. 39 degrees today, but apparently by Friday the temps will plummet to 21, and then 20 on Saturday with 60% chance of rain. (Glorious RAIN!)

Can’t wait. Simply cannot wait.

A nasty thing happened to me today: I was walking along in town, when suddenly I couldn’t lift my shoe. Because it was stuck to the pavement with someone’s yucky gum! Man, I get so de-bliksem-in when people do that. It is so rude and sif! Wasn’t in a particularly good mood after that, on top of the heat.

Something nice that happened to me today: The electric gate to our little complex has been fixed. Happy days! It has been on the blink for a week, and it has been tortorous to actually get out of the car and haul it open (it has been on manual), drive through and then get out again to haul it closed again IN THIS HEAT. (And with a sore back!).

Of all the technology in our lives, the electric gate is probably the one that enhances our daily lives the most. But we get used to it and take it for granted. Not anymore, though. At least not for a while 🙂

Something nice I did today: Took a bag full of clothes, books and coffee mugs to our local Hospice Store. I am getting underway re: clean up around here!

Something nice I did for the environment today: Took 4 bags and a whole lot of boxes to the recycling depot.

Something embarassing I did today: Inadvertantly jumped the line at the till when I went to Clicks to buy a mascara (for me) and a hairbrush (for Michael. I am tired of him using mine since his other one broke). Anyway, I didn’t see that the chick was waiting in line, because she was standing in front of an unmanned till and I thought she was being served. So when another till became available, I headed for it. Then I heard, “Excuse me, mam!”.

I turned around baffled, and this girl with a very wounded look on her face, walked past me to the till, muttering something about it being her turn. I apologised but it cut no ice. Everyone was looking at me like I had just kicked a puppy in the teeth.

Then I went and did some grocery shopping.  And also popped into Golden Vision optometrists to have my sunglasses’ frame bent back into shape. They bent them straight, cleaned them in the UV cleaning thingy and even put on some new nose buds. And didn’t charge me a cent for it. The sunglasses look great – it is like having new ones.

My back is starting to get sore again. And it’s referring pain to my knee which is never a good sign. So I thought to get started with my swimming program at the gym. Only, when I got there, the pool was packed with the Swimming Club members who were being very raucous. All the lanes were occupied. Not only that, but there was an absolute cloud of deodorant hanging in the air, making it difficult to breath.

I hate it when people spray deo in the gym. Put on roll-on if you have to, but realise that some people are quite partial to a bit of fresh air while they are exercising. (i.e. not fifty different brands of deodorant competing for ‘airtime’.)

Anyway, I turned around and went right back out again. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try again.

It looks like I had better go the gym in the mornings like I always used to. At about 9 or 10-ish, it is lovely and peaceful. Especially in the pool.

But right now, I am going to complete a 15-minute survey at Amazon for a $5 gift voucher 🙂 They sent me an email yesterday to tell me about it and invited me to participate. Bet I can get a nice book for $5 🙂










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November 20, 2012 at 11:18 pm

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