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Another sweltering day.

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So hot again!

The kale that I planted over two years has gotten so stinky and bug-infested in this heat that it was finally time to let it go. Those things grew like Jack’s beanstalk; they were enormous.

I’m surprised the neighbours weren’t complaining, though. As I said, stinky, in a cruciferous kind of way.

Dug them out and left them out for the garden refuse collection truck.

Had a nice lunch ready when M got home. Cornish pies, carrot salad and fresh, steamed asparagus. That was quite a treat. I squeezed lemon juice over the asparagus, and ground some black pepper over it.

Afterwards, (though I know you’re not supposed to, after eating) I finally got that swim in at the gym. It was a very gentle swim. Not trying to break any records, just trying to stretch my back muscles and align my SI joint nicely. (I’ve had it with this pain in my SI joint. I think I need to see a biokineticist for some sort of program).

Getting into the cold water was fabulous. My whole body gave a sigh of relief! It felt to good to be cool for a while 🙂

This afternoon, my origami buddy came for another visit. He’s so cute. We made the hopping frog. Then another hopping frog that didn’t come out right, so he promptly changed it to a ‘bat’. After that he insisted that we make them beds. I said I wasn’t too sure if one could make origami beds.

So he gestured at the computer screen and said, “Do a search for Origami Bed’.

Ha ha, I complied and true as bob, tons of results on how to make an origami bed. So we made a bed for each charcter that we had made. Including the inflatable pig, which was a complete flop, lol.

This little dude has such a concentration span when it comes to origami. I think he could just do it indefinitely 🙂


My parents were having quite an exciting time at their own house.

The gazebo next to their pool has suddenly become home to a whole lot of bees. My dad spotted them this week, hanging under the cover of the gazebo, out of sight to the casual observer.

So today, they got a bee farmer to come and collect them. (I am very proud of them for doing this and not hauling out the can of doom, or smoking them out).

There is a bit of an international bee shortage going on in certain parts of the world. So best we treat our bees well.

The bee keeper has over 90 hives and really seems to know his stuff.

They ‘collected’ a large clump of bees and put them into a special type of box.

The bee guy said he didn’t know if he’d got the Queen Bee, but if he had, all the other bees would follow her in. The special box had holes in it large enough for the regular bees to go through, but too small for the Queen to squeeze out of.

It soon became evident that he had indeed captured the queen, as all the worker bees were following her in.

He waited a couple of hours, until nightfall, to give everybee a chance to get in the box 🙂 Then he put a lid on it, loaded it in the back of his bakkie and off they went.

I just love this story. And now they whole little colony is going to be re-housed at the bee farm.

That’s a wrap for tonight then 😉

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November 21, 2012 at 11:12 pm

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