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Peanut butter Kit Kat

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Jeepers, but I’ll have to move it to get a quick post in before midnight. Can’t miss a day of posting with only 3 days of November left. Nearly there.

M & I made a discovery last week of a new flavour of Kit Kat Chunky. Peanut Butter! And it is delicious. My day is not complete without one at this stage. Bad! But so good 😉

We had a good look at the display of chocolates at our local SPAR today, and noticed that they are all new (to us) variations of old favourites. An even closer look revealed that that particular display was imported from the UK. Under the name of each chocolate was a UK web address. Very interesting to chocolate-lovers such as ourselves, We lingered for longer than we should have, lol. (And did not go home empty-handed).

And here is a photo 🙂 …





I should really be in bed already. If Michael can get off work tomorrow, we will finally be going to the rose farm.

On that note, let me say g’night.

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November 27, 2012 at 11:53 pm

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