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I’m not feeling all that chatty tonight, so I thought I would share some photo’s and a quick story.

Here is Beary enjoying the sunset tonight…









Or at least, I was enjoying the sunset. Beary was watching out for Michael and Teddy returning from their walk.

They do the second part of the walk just the two of them, because lately Miss Beary has had very strong ideas about the route that she is prepared to walk.

She walks up the road for about 200m. Then comes to an abrupt halt. Short of dragging her along the road, there is no way to get her any further.

As soon as we turn around, she is happy as can be, and trots along without a care in the world. Then we go ’round the corner to Michael’s parents’ house. She drags us to the front door to say hello. Then it’s an about turn again and we go briskly back to our own house.

Teddy really prefers to go a bit further on walks, so now Michael deposits Beary back in our house, and proceeds to take Teddy for a longer walk. For the past couple of weeks, I have not been going along on the walks because of back pain. So I’m always greatly amused when the front door opens, Beary comes in, and then the door closes again as M & Ted go off.

Then I take off her harness and the two of us go outsaide to the garden to watch our boys going past the fence.

Hence the photo.

I was struck by how truly African this view was, with a glimpse of the setting sun through the Acacia trees. Right on the edge of suburbia – I thought it was rather charming…









And with that I am off to bed. (Talk about being a procrastinist – I always seem to get my blog posts in just before midnight, lol)


Written by Maggie

November 29, 2012 at 11:46 pm

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