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Glorious rain and not-so-glorious drain eruptions

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Today was a sh*tty day!


The drain problem around here seems to hitting a bit of a peak. This morning I heard faint (and ominous) gurgling sounds coming from our shower and hand-basin, especially after the toilet was flushed.

It rained for most of last night, and that seems to aggravate the blockage.

The dogs were begging me to go out, but outside our back door swirled a mini-river of brown-coloured water. So they had to hold it until Michael came home for lunch and took them for a walk to do their ablutions.

When the three of them came back again (relief plain to see on the chows’ faces!) I noticed that there was water seeping out from under my neighbours’ bedroom door. Our two town-houses share a wall, so we’re pretty close to them.

I phoned her and she came hurrying home. Upon entering her house, she saw that their bedroom was ankle-deep in sewerage! Euwww! She understandably lost her sh*t a bit at that stage and said, “As if my Monday wasn’t k@k enough already!)

They have it cleaned up now, but I reckon it will be a while before they get the smell out. Yuck. I only hope the municipality will come and do something about the drain. Next time it could be out turn! (Luckily the water-level outside our own door has subsided and been sprayed clean with the hose-pipe. Still, it is such a health-risk, this carry-on.)


Other than that, I actrually had a nice day. I finished reading Eloisa James’ book When Beauty Tamed the Beast which was billiant! I enjoyed it so much. It is one of the best romance novels I have ever read. The dialogue was so witty, the characters so classic, and the love scenes quite beautiful. I mean, they were steamy enough but in a classy manner 😉

Actually, I have been meaning to buy this book for ages, but the first time I searched for it on Kobo, instead of finding Eloisa James, I found E.L. James.

She of the Fifty Shades notoriety 🙂

(This was way before the 50 Shades hype). I ended up buying 50 Shades, not knowing what it went about at all. Got a bit of a shock a couple of chapters into the book, I can tell you, lol. But I ended up reading all three in the series and enjoying them a lot.

I will definitely read more of Eloisa’s books. She is an English Professor by day (real name Mary Bly) and in her spare time writes these delicious romance novels. Love it.

I’m not sure if it’s all the rain, or the runaway sh*t, but my roses are doing great! Also my veggie garden, which is fortunately not in the firing-line of the troublesome drain. We had a whole lot of fresh produce from our garden for supper. One of my prouder moments.

2012-12-03 17.43.34







2012-12-03 17.44.17

2012-12-03 17.44.27








2012-12-03 17.44.10

2012-12-03 18.06.12









Also, apparently Prince William and Princess Kate have announced that she is pregnant. It is going to be fun to see that little royal munchkin when he/ she makes an appearance.

Till next time then… 🙂

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December 3, 2012 at 11:18 pm

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