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I had a really nice day in town yesterday.

I asked Michael if I could take the car for the afternoon. He said I could, but then I’d have to take it to have its tyre fixed and swapped. He’d had a flat that morning, and had had to put on the spare. And it’s dicey to drive around without a spare, so it had to be fixed asap.

I’m not too fond of doing ‘car stuff’. As far as I’m concerned, we have a magic car. It’s fuel level magically rises when it starts looking a bit empty and it keeps itself in tip-top shape.

Michael is a little bitter about this, seeing as he is the magic behind the car, always taking care of services, tyre pressure, re-fuelling etc.

Anyway, I wanted the car, so had to do some ‘car stuff’ for a change.

It wasn’t bad. The staff were so friendly and helpful. They were quick about it and only charged me R40. I quite enjoyed the whole thing.

And while I was waiting there, I got a call from Michael asking if I wanted to join him for a quick Wimpy coffee. Wimpy is next door to the tyre place, and Michael happened to be driving past with one of his work vehicles. So we did just that.

Before that, I went to find out about getting us an additional remote for our gate. Since the electric gate’s motor has been replaced, we only have one remote between us and it is very inconvenient. Unfortunately the store is out of stock and are only getting in on Wednesday. But at least I put my order in.

Then I went to GAME and drooled over Christmas trees a bit. Didn’t buy any yet though.

Then I went on a very specific clothes shopping expedition. I need some new clothes, and got it into my head that I want some skirts. I’m not really a dress kind of gal, but all the colourful skirts that are currently in fashion look so nice. I feel extremely uncomfortable in a dress, but quite like a skirt. So that was the mission.

First stop: Woolworths.

Nothing particularly caught my eye, and the stuff was hellishly expensive. There was a dress there for R445! I did see a top that I liked a lot which I may go back for, but the dresses/ pants/ skirts would take up my whole budget on one item.

Next stop: Fashion World. I always like their displays in the window but have never been in. As the shop came into sight, I immediately saw a lovely outfit in the window. Just what I was looking for. I went in, found it on the rack and tried the whole ensemble on in the fitting rooms. Now, lately I have gotten stuck on Mr Price’s clothes. And when you try something on there, you leave feeling like an old hag. The lighting is SO unflattering. And the clothes look nice enough on the rack, but don’t seem to fit that well when you try them on. Maybe it’s just me.

But Fashion World’s fitting rooms are magical. The lighting is flattering and there are plenty of hooks to hang the clothes on.

I must say, the shop assistant was pretty surly. I had to interrupt her conversation that she was having with a colleague (while they were folding clothes) to get some service. And she didn’t look happy about it.

Still, I’m happy with my new skirts. And they cost me less than R200 for both of them. Bargain.







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December 5, 2012 at 10:13 pm

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  1. Your skirts looks lovely Maggie xxxx

    Mom Archer

    December 6, 2012 at 6:28 am

    • Thanks, Mom. Thought I’d change things up a little 🙂


      December 6, 2012 at 3:54 pm

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