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Some more visiting with the nephews :-)

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Anthony and Douglas are sleeping at our home again tonight.

I think I had better get some sleep too, because they get up early.

We had a fun night.

I made my version of Sloppy Joes. Mince in a bun with tomato sauce. That went down well.

Then I spoke on the phone to my mom while Michael and the boys watched Dynamo. (Something about a street magician, I’m not all that into it, myself).

Michael went to sleep and Douglas played some games on the iPad.

I asked Anthony if he wanted to make a blow-up bunny. He said okay, but with the caveat that he is not crafty at all.

It turns out that he’s crafty enough to fold a bunny and draw a pretty cute face on it! He ended up by requesting that we make more bunnies and admitted that it is pretty fun. I believe the word he used was ‘awesome’. 🙂

Tomorrow, we will play some table-tennis and after that, we have been invited for lunch by the boys’ ouma, a.k.a my dear Mother-in-law 🙂

And we’ll say goodbye to Michael’s dad, who is going on a much-anticipated trip to Zimbabwe on an expedition to see a rare bird there.

Good times!



Written by Maggie

December 6, 2012 at 11:30 pm

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