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I seem to be winning with the back pain.

I had a mini-epiphany today.

(Okay, not so much as an epiphany as a reminder of something I already know.)

The thing is, I know my sacro-illiac joint is unstable. It clicks in and out at the least provocation.

It’s actually a waste to go to the chiropractor, because I’m hardly home for five minutes (and in pain) before I turn slightly skew, or bend over and reach for an item, or something and out it pops again.

The reason the swimming helps is two-fold (I think). I suspect it aligns the joint in some way and also strengthens my back muscles which helps to keep the joint in.

But today I remembered how important a role core stomach muscles play in back health. The one thing I have learnt from my pilates/ yoga dvd is that whenever you do one of the movements, you first contract your stomach muscles. They form a protective band right around your back, from what I can gather.

So today, whenever I have had to bend/ reach/ get up from sitting/ lie down, whatever, I have engaged my core muscles and after only one day, it seems to be rather on the improved side!

We took the dogs for a walk and I kept my stomach muscles pulled in on every step.

(I am optimistic on the effect that this will have on my abs over time, lol. Call it a happy side effect 🙂 )

I think this may be a long-term solution for mySI-joint and back health.

I sincerely hope so, anyway.

Written by Maggie

December 16, 2012 at 9:45 pm

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