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Fabulous Christmas

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What a lovely Christmas we had this year. Definitely one to look back on with fond memories.

On the 23rd, my parents hosted a full-on Christmas lunch. It fell on a Sunday, and my little sis and her little girl were visiting us. They were scheduled to go back to Jo’burg on the following Monday, so we decided to celebrate Christmas early with them 🙂

There was Christmassy gammon, roast potatoes, lamb, salads, veggies, and proper Christmas pudding for dessert. My mom flambéd that pudding good! 🙂 I love that part, when the brandy burns with that pretty blue flame.

On the actual Christmas day, I joined my mom at our church for the Christmas service, which was lovely. There is this nativity scene that they have had since I was a child. I vividly recall carrying one of the statues to the front of the church each year. All the kids in the congregation got to carry a piece of the nativity and it left a lasting impression on me. I felt such a sense of purpose as a little kids, contributing to the service in this way.


Michael and I then had Christmas lunch on our own for the first time in our married life. It was wonderfully peaceful. I made a traditional Bobotie, yellow rice with raisins, and a green salad.

After that, we made the rounds, stopping off at various family members to wish them a happy Christmas.

We settled down at his parents place for quite a while to have Christmas cake and watch Rod Stewart’s Merry Christmas to you, baby… on tv. Very restful and beautiful.

Later that night, Michael downloaded the album on iTunes and we listened to the exquisite music till late in the evening, soaking up the atmosphere it created. It was rather a spiritual moment for both of us.

And finally, off to bed. And already looking forward to next Christmas 🙂

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December 28, 2012 at 10:56 pm

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