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We had the nephews over again last night. The two eldest, Quintus and Douglas. It was quite a lot of fun šŸ™‚ They do make me laugh!

We all slept in, with the exception of Michael, who went for an early morning cycle. He came back a bit hot and bothered, as it was already hot out by 8:30, when he got back. He did do a personal best time, though, so was in good spirits.

(Got a bit grumpy later on and had to have a lie down šŸ˜‰ )

We had a lovely lunch with family. Then came home (to have the lie down, in Michael’s case) and I made some muffins for the picnic.

The dogs reminded us that we urgently needed to take them for a walk, which we did. And then it was off again to the picnic.

My parents-in-law put up the most amazing Christmas lights in their front garden every year, and it is becoming somewhat of a tradition to have picnics in the evening to appreciate them. Very atmospheric and quite lovely! The children especially can’t get enough of the lights.

So all in all, it’s been quite a relaxing day.

I feel a bit better today than I did yesterday. Dare I hope that the relapse is indeed passing over?

The breathing thing is definitely better. I was only gasping for breath a little after the pizza. Not like yesterday, where every meal was uncomfortable and a battle to breath in a proper breath.

I did have one or two stabs of pain in my eyes during the day. Still worried about that. But at least I didn’t have the tell-tale headache behind my eyes, which is promising.

My left hand and left foot feel rather numb. Not my fave! But not too bad, in the scheme of things.

I think this heat-wave that we are having is not helping. I’m thinking (hoping) that once it is past, and also once the full moon is past (yes, I think the moon can make things worse, lol) everything might start improving.

So final verdict: I think it’s better today than it was, and I’m hopeful that it may pan out to be yet another mild relapse with no backbone.

Oh yes, and Mr Popper’s penguins is a crap movie. I miss Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura days.


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December 29, 2012 at 11:11 pm

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