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End of sucky two weeks :-)

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I’m feeling so much better! The heat has abated somewhat, and the weird symptoms that I was having are also pretty much gone.

Felt really crap on Friday, due a short-lived tummy-bug. At first I thought it was because I took my prenatal vitamins too late at night, and that upset my tummy. I have subsequently heard of two other people that had the exact same thing!

I lay in bed all afternoon feeling really weak and it culminated into a nice puke session, after which I felt loads better. I guess I can count myself real lucky that this was the first time I puked during my whole pregnancy thus far. (Actually, it’s the first time in years). And it wasn’t even related to the pregnancy.

And I felt fine on Saturday, so no harm done 🙂


And might I just say that I hate the spacing problems with WordPress if I publish any photo’s! The post looks fine, until I publish, and then it goes all weird. I will have to find out how to make it stop doing that.


Phoned the gynae’s rooms this morning to get the results of my blood tests. Everything came back looking real good and the doctor is very satisfied! (I am so pleased about this!) Pretty low risk pregnancy, thus far 🙂


I love being pregnant SO much. I love everything about it. And so proud of the changes in my body. It is so clever, and knows just what to do 🙂 This is just the best, best time for Michael and I. We cannot wait to be parents.


Did the Intelligender thing and it was a bit of a stuff-up. No conclusive result. (Bit of a rip-off) It was only for some fun, really. But now it’s back to waiting for next month’s scan for the big gender reveal.

I cancelled my next appointment with the gynae. I’ll find another one, but only much later in the pregnancy. For now, I’m going 4D scans all the way 🙂 The doc doesn’t charge you extra for the additional scans, only for his consultation fee. So it’s a bargain.

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January 20, 2014 at 11:17 am

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A trip to the gynae and other tidbits. And photo’s :-)

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Yesterday’s trip to the gynae was a bit of a let down.

He wanted to give me a pap smear, which I declined. No thanks. He asked me how do I know I don’t have ‘pre-cursors’. I said, I just know. I’ll do a pap smear after the birth, don’t see why it needs to be done now.

I brought the 4D scan that we had done last week with for him, but he was very dismissive about it and didn’t want to see it at all. A bit closed-minded, I thought.

He wanted to do his own scan, and fair enough, after waiting for a good hour, I was keen to see if babe was doing well. Which s/he was. Everything looks excellent, the doc said. He said too early for a gender reveal. In fact, according to his scan, baby is a week younger than what the other doc said. I actually think this is bull, but anyway. Due date been moved to 25 July.

Then I was sent off to do the full battery of 12 week blood tests. Results in on Monday.

In all honesty, I don’t see myself going back to this gynae. I am utterly unimpressed by the 2D scans now. Once you go 4D, you never go back, lol. So I’m going back to the GP with the fancy-pants scanner until I am at least 7 months, then I’ll maybe find a gynae again. Probably a different one.


I’ve been spoilt by 4D, lol. I still loved seeing Little One on screen and hearing the heart beat, though.































Me, starting to show a bit 🙂

An update on the mysterious MS symptoms:

I think hand is nearly back to base line. I was able to fill in the form at the doc’s without too much difficulty yesterday. Must say, I did battle my ass off to put some mascara on, though. Generally, it is going a lot better, though.

I forgot to mention another symptom that I had (which I am documenting now for record-keeping purposes). I developed a slight speech impediment. I was battling to shape some of my words properly (especially in Afrikaans) and I was dropping syllables. Quite distressing, but that also seems to have gone, thank heavens!

Walking is okay, too. I’ll wait until next week before I accompany Michael and the dogs on a short walk. Shame, Michael says that Teddy, who has been known to stand up to a full grown charging Rottweiler with dignity, was scared yesterday when a labrador charged him. It is obviously because his luxurious and protective fur coat is gone. And he feels less of a dog, I guess. Chows aren’t stupid, they know the lie of the land. His magnificent neck ruff would have made it difficult for another dog to have got ‘stuck in’ to him, and for the time being, it is gone 😦

I don’t want these past two weeks over again (too much stress!) but it has reminded me of the unpredictability of MS. It has been a bit of a necessary kick-start for me to start with my yoga and chi kung program, which is supposed to help a lot. And also eating better, according to MS diet guidelines. More good fats, less bad fats)  But only after I’ve gotten my hands on a waffle today! I have a very real craving for a fresh-baked waffle.

Watched a brilliant move last weekend, called The way, way back. It is beautiful. A bit of a coming-of-age type theme, mixed with some family drama and a bit of comedy. Steve Carrel plays quite a stinker of a role.

I haven’t been doing a lot of reading lately, but yesterday I read an Eloisa James novella, titled To Wed a Rake. So good! I enjoyed it immensely. She does such good chracter writing.

And that’s about all my news for today.

Going to try and get my hands on an IntelliGender today. Not that scientific, I don’t think. But a bit of fun. I have to go and get my prenatal vitamins anyway, so might as well 😉

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January 16, 2014 at 11:43 am

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Off to the doggy salon

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After how our usual doggy parlour cut (as in, hurt) Beary last time round, I still made an appointment there for her. I mean, obviously I told them I wasn’t happy about Beary being hurt there last time and they said they’d take care not to do it again.

We received such bad service there, though, that I took her and left. Seriously, they made us wait for hours, and she was strung up against the wall on a choke-chain. I will never take her there again. Ever.

It was quite cute though. When we left, she ran for the door, pulling me in her wake. And when we got outside, she scanned the row of cars, looking for our getaway vehicle. The thing is, Michael had dropped her off in our Jetta, which she often rides. And I had driven there in my granddad’s old Colt, which I have been driving lately (which Beary has never ridden in before). Nonetheless, when she clocked it, she dragged me right on over, and when I opened the door she was in like a flash. She got on the backseat and sat on the folded blanket there as if she did it every day of her life and was as good as gold all the way home.

Fast forward a couple of weeks:

Michael and I have been trying to implement some changes for when the baby comes, and one of them was getting the dogs shaved, so there would not be fur everywhere.

I heard of another doggy parlour in town and booked an appointment. They were so friendly on the phone.

And it was the best experience ever. They were so kind to the dogs, the security was really good (two closed gates to prevent runaways) and they did such a good job of shaving the Chows. I am thrilled with the excellent service we received.

Even though I waited for two hours to make sure everything was okay (they are my sweeties, after all) next time I will drop them off with a calm  heart and now they will be safe. Brilliant experience. Such friendliness and charm.

And…drum roll…the photo’s 🙂




And Teddy Boy ^

Shame, Teddy is looking very thin now that the fur is gone. I will have to fatten him up urgently.

On a personal note: I’m feeling even better today. Not 100%, but getting there! Tomorrow, off to see the gynae, to hear what he has to say 🙂

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January 14, 2014 at 6:40 pm

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Really bad week.

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It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…

Dickens knew his sh*t!
It can simultaneously be the most joyous, excited time of your life, and also the most terrifying and miserable.
I was so deliriously happy after the 4D scan that it took me a while to return to earth and really notice what was happening to my body.
In the space of a week and a bit, I was pretty floored by the MS.
My walking and balance were quite bad and I was extremely fatigued in the midday heat. Like, I will go and lie down now or I will fall down. Sleep was restless and ‘twitchy’.
Most worrying was my right hand. I could very barely hold a pen to scrawl something unintelligible. I looked like a stroke victim if I tried to feed myself. Couldn’t brush my teeth with that hand. Couldn’t straighten my fingers properly. I didn’t try but it is doubtful if I could have played as much as a note or two on the piano. And I definitely couldn’t type.
If it was just me, I probably would have been and gone for the cortisone drip already.
But it was not just me, and I couldn’t do it. The gynae gave me the go ahead, but my neurologist said ‘no way, José!’ Later in the pregnancy, yes, but not now while there was till so much developing.
I was distraught! And felt so sick. Couldn’t leave the house for days, I was too weak and fragile.
Then, as of yesterday, things started improving. I feel MUCH better. I can tolerate this extreme heat we’re having a lot better, and my hand is improving. It’s not 100% yet, but so much improved. I’m hopeful that I’ll be back where I was in a couple of days.
So what was it? I think my original theory of the increase in body temp might have been spot on. Hormone fluctuations, anybody?
I’m just glad it appears to be getting better.
Side note: I would have updated sooner, but trying to type stressed me out too much. It’s still not brilliant, but I can get by, at least.

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January 13, 2014 at 4:47 pm

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12 week scan.

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Like Michael said, one of the most magical days of our marriage 🙂 Seeing our little babe has made it so real.

Bottom right is the 4D scan, in which baby’s knees are bent and arms folded in front of her/ her face:

12 week scan.2

And everything looks perfect!!! I am so grateful. My heart is filled with gratitude. My little one is healthy and normal. All I hoped for. And very cute 🙂

Due date is 10 July, and we’re now at 12 weeks and 3 days.

The doctor said he doesn’t like the look of my placenta. I was immediately worried, and said, “Why?”

Apparently, it is right at the bottom of my uterus (“like an ice-cream cone” the doctor said. ?!!

He said the gynaecologist will probably want me to have a c-section because of where it’s situated.

Oh, is that all? No problem. I’d actually quite like that decision taken out of my hands, lol. C-section it is.

He couldn’t tell us the gender with any certainty yet, but did say he thinks it’s a male baby.

He wouldn’t commit to a percentage value, just said we’ll know at 16-17 weeks.

I must admit, even though I have been saying it’s a girl, if I picture myself with the baby after the birth, the vision that comes up is of a beautiful baby boy.

Oh well, we’ll know soon enough 😉

The 4D scanner is amazing! The doctor really knows his stuff. As soon the scanner wand thingy touched my stomach, our baby was on the screen, clear as daylight. It was so wonderful. And the little heartbeat. I was simultaneously blinking back a tear and smiling my head off. Michael, too. It was profound.

I discussed my MS symptoms with the doc, and he said I can take cortisone, but to preferably wait until 18 weeks to take it.

I researched it on the internet and it’s generally considered safe in pregnancy.

I’m hoping nad praying that these symptoms will go away on their own and won’t be an issue.

But I really can’t take the chance of losing the use of my right hand. I’m all too aware that MS doesn’t always give back what it takes.

I am actually pretty confident that it will come right on it’s own, though, once this heat wave abates. Fingers crossed.

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January 6, 2014 at 6:20 pm

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Bit of a rough day

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Can’t ignore it anymore. I’m having some quite bad MS symptoms.

My balance is quite off, and my walking is easily affected by the heat to being borderline wobbly. I’m trying very hard not to fall.

Most disturbing, I have lost an alarming amount of strength and co-ordination in my right hand. I realised this today when I had a hard time holding the pen and signing my name at Woolworths.

It is definitely heat-related. But the last heat wave we had, a couple of weeks ago, didn’t bother me in the least.

I felt very despondent about it this afternoon. Thought some disturbing thoughts.

Then pulled myself together.

I knew the risks. But I have wanted a baby so much and for so long, I was willing to take the risks.

(Also, I felt pretty invincible while on Gilenya).

I would not change a thing. I want this baby and I love this baby, and now is the time to be strong and brave for the both of us. Not self-pitying and making it worse than it is.

For now, I will try and take it ultra easy and try and stay cool, because getting hot makes it worse.

Tomorrow, Michael and I are going for my first scan. (I am approximately twelve weeks) The GP I am going to see has a 4D scanner.

And. We. Can’t. Wait.

I feel quite emotional about it. I really need to see our little one right about now. And to hear that little heartbeat.

Nothing can put a damper on my excitement. I am counting down the hours 🙂

I feel quite cheated that I am having MS symptoms. After everyone saying there’s generally no trouble during pregnancy from MS.

Still, I’ll do what I can, and maybe it’ll pass over.

I checked on my blog, and on the 29th of December 2012, I was worried about some symptoms I was having. And they went away on their own, so here’s hoping. Of course, I was on my meds then. But I’m pregnant now, so maybe that will offer enough protection, too.

Will update tomorrow, after the scan 🙂

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January 5, 2014 at 8:31 pm

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Happy New Year!

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My favourite holiday of all, New Year. I love it. I love the sense of new beginnings, a fresh start, etc.

The silliness of the festive season is starting to wear off and people are getting back to normal, going back to work, getting ready for the kids to  go back to school. (I love the back to school vibe. Kids excited to begin a new year. Some starting out for the very first time, some starting high school. All the back to school goodies and new school uniforms. Such fun 🙂

As for me, I am taking it easy at home. So far, this pregnancy has been so downright pleasant that, give or take a couple (Michael might disagree) of moodswings, you wouldn’t know I was pregnant. I love the changes in my body so far. I feel positively sensual 🙂

The last two days have not been great though. It has been excessively hot and I feel like the MS is encroaching. I have numbness in my feet, a feeling of not being that co-ordinated in my hands, and balance issues. I first noticed it when we went for our daily dog walk on Wednesday. Long before finishing our regular route, which I normally do with ease, I started exacerbating about 3/4 of the way through and battling to walk. And I haven’t felt quite right since. I’ve been sleeping poorly, feel hot all the time and heavy on my feet. And tired. Not pregnancy tired. MS tired. Physically fatigued, especially where walking is concerned.

At first I was really scared I was relapsing. But my relapses don’t come on so suddenly,

I think a more likely theory would be that a hormone fluctuation has raised my cose body temperature. And because my myelin sheath (the protective fatty tissue surrounding nerves) isn’t as thick in places as most people’s, my nerve impulses aren’t being conducted as well as they should be in this heat.

I have often been prone to this kind of hormone fluctuation in the past, affecting my MS. And I believe basal body temps do go up in pregnancy. Hopefully, it will pass in a couple of days.Either that, or six more months of this. Yikes.

I was nervous enough that it might be a relapse to google ‘intravenous cortisone during pregnancy’. To my surprise, it isn’t contra-indicated. Many neurologists treat MS patients’ relapses during pregnancy with the regular dose of solu-medrol. It isn’t considered particularly dangerous to baby, although you would want to avoid it during first 12 weeks, as with most meds.It could slow baby’s growth after birth, so obviously not something I would consider unless desperate measures were called for.

If I think of the shock to my body when I take the meds, I would hate to subject baby to it. But it is a comforting thought that there are no serious adverse effects for the baby, should I (an unlikely event indeed) have a very serious relapse while pregnant.

I am feeling better than yesterday, so with any luck, I can soon return to being a joyously comfortable preggie woman.

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January 3, 2014 at 7:13 pm

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