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Happy New Year!

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My favourite holiday of all, New Year. I love it. I love the sense of new beginnings, a fresh start, etc.

The silliness of the festive season is starting to wear off and people are getting back to normal, going back to work, getting ready for the kids to  go back to school. (I love the back to school vibe. Kids excited to begin a new year. Some starting out for the very first time, some starting high school. All the back to school goodies and new school uniforms. Such fun 🙂

As for me, I am taking it easy at home. So far, this pregnancy has been so downright pleasant that, give or take a couple (Michael might disagree) of moodswings, you wouldn’t know I was pregnant. I love the changes in my body so far. I feel positively sensual 🙂

The last two days have not been great though. It has been excessively hot and I feel like the MS is encroaching. I have numbness in my feet, a feeling of not being that co-ordinated in my hands, and balance issues. I first noticed it when we went for our daily dog walk on Wednesday. Long before finishing our regular route, which I normally do with ease, I started exacerbating about 3/4 of the way through and battling to walk. And I haven’t felt quite right since. I’ve been sleeping poorly, feel hot all the time and heavy on my feet. And tired. Not pregnancy tired. MS tired. Physically fatigued, especially where walking is concerned.

At first I was really scared I was relapsing. But my relapses don’t come on so suddenly,

I think a more likely theory would be that a hormone fluctuation has raised my cose body temperature. And because my myelin sheath (the protective fatty tissue surrounding nerves) isn’t as thick in places as most people’s, my nerve impulses aren’t being conducted as well as they should be in this heat.

I have often been prone to this kind of hormone fluctuation in the past, affecting my MS. And I believe basal body temps do go up in pregnancy. Hopefully, it will pass in a couple of days.Either that, or six more months of this. Yikes.

I was nervous enough that it might be a relapse to google ‘intravenous cortisone during pregnancy’. To my surprise, it isn’t contra-indicated. Many neurologists treat MS patients’ relapses during pregnancy with the regular dose of solu-medrol. It isn’t considered particularly dangerous to baby, although you would want to avoid it during first 12 weeks, as with most meds.It could slow baby’s growth after birth, so obviously not something I would consider unless desperate measures were called for.

If I think of the shock to my body when I take the meds, I would hate to subject baby to it. But it is a comforting thought that there are no serious adverse effects for the baby, should I (an unlikely event indeed) have a very serious relapse while pregnant.

I am feeling better than yesterday, so with any luck, I can soon return to being a joyously comfortable preggie woman.

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January 3, 2014 at 7:13 pm

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