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Bit of a rough day

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Can’t ignore it anymore. I’m having some quite bad MS symptoms.

My balance is quite off, and my walking is easily affected by the heat to being borderline wobbly. I’m trying very hard not to fall.

Most disturbing, I have lost an alarming amount of strength and co-ordination in my right hand. I realised this today when I had a hard time holding the pen and signing my name at Woolworths.

It is definitely heat-related. But the last heat wave we had, a couple of weeks ago, didn’t bother me in the least.

I felt very despondent about it this afternoon. Thought some disturbing thoughts.

Then pulled myself together.

I knew the risks. But I have wanted a baby so much and for so long, I was willing to take the risks.

(Also, I felt pretty invincible while on Gilenya).

I would not change a thing. I want this baby and I love this baby, and now is the time to be strong and brave for the both of us. Not self-pitying and making it worse than it is.

For now, I will try and take it ultra easy and try and stay cool, because getting hot makes it worse.

Tomorrow, Michael and I are going for my first scan. (I am approximately twelve weeks) The GP I am going to see has a 4D scanner.

And. We. Can’t. Wait.

I feel quite emotional about it. I really need to see our little one right about now. And to hear that little heartbeat.

Nothing can put a damper on my excitement. I am counting down the hours 🙂

I feel quite cheated that I am having MS symptoms. After everyone saying there’s generally no trouble during pregnancy from MS.

Still, I’ll do what I can, and maybe it’ll pass over.

I checked on my blog, and on the 29th of December 2012, I was worried about some symptoms I was having. And they went away on their own, so here’s hoping. Of course, I was on my meds then. But I’m pregnant now, so maybe that will offer enough protection, too.

Will update tomorrow, after the scan 🙂

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January 5, 2014 at 8:31 pm

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