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A trip to the gynae and other tidbits. And photo’s :-)

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Yesterday’s trip to the gynae was a bit of a let down.

He wanted to give me a pap smear, which I declined. No thanks. He asked me how do I know I don’t have ‘pre-cursors’. I said, I just know. I’ll do a pap smear after the birth, don’t see why it needs to be done now.

I brought the 4D scan that we had done last week with for him, but he was very dismissive about it and didn’t want to see it at all. A bit closed-minded, I thought.

He wanted to do his own scan, and fair enough, after waiting for a good hour, I was keen to see if babe was doing well. Which s/he was. Everything looks excellent, the doc said. He said too early for a gender reveal. In fact, according to his scan, baby is a week younger than what the other doc said. I actually think this is bull, but anyway. Due date been moved to 25 July.

Then I was sent off to do the full battery of 12 week blood tests. Results in on Monday.

In all honesty, I don’t see myself going back to this gynae. I am utterly unimpressed by the 2D scans now. Once you go 4D, you never go back, lol. So I’m going back to the GP with the fancy-pants scanner until I am at least 7 months, then I’ll maybe find a gynae again. Probably a different one.


I’ve been spoilt by 4D, lol. I still loved seeing Little One on screen and hearing the heart beat, though.































Me, starting to show a bit 🙂

An update on the mysterious MS symptoms:

I think hand is nearly back to base line. I was able to fill in the form at the doc’s without too much difficulty yesterday. Must say, I did battle my ass off to put some mascara on, though. Generally, it is going a lot better, though.

I forgot to mention another symptom that I had (which I am documenting now for record-keeping purposes). I developed a slight speech impediment. I was battling to shape some of my words properly (especially in Afrikaans) and I was dropping syllables. Quite distressing, but that also seems to have gone, thank heavens!

Walking is okay, too. I’ll wait until next week before I accompany Michael and the dogs on a short walk. Shame, Michael says that Teddy, who has been known to stand up to a full grown charging Rottweiler with dignity, was scared yesterday when a labrador charged him. It is obviously because his luxurious and protective fur coat is gone. And he feels less of a dog, I guess. Chows aren’t stupid, they know the lie of the land. His magnificent neck ruff would have made it difficult for another dog to have got ‘stuck in’ to him, and for the time being, it is gone 😦

I don’t want these past two weeks over again (too much stress!) but it has reminded me of the unpredictability of MS. It has been a bit of a necessary kick-start for me to start with my yoga and chi kung program, which is supposed to help a lot. And also eating better, according to MS diet guidelines. More good fats, less bad fats)  But only after I’ve gotten my hands on a waffle today! I have a very real craving for a fresh-baked waffle.

Watched a brilliant move last weekend, called The way, way back. It is beautiful. A bit of a coming-of-age type theme, mixed with some family drama and a bit of comedy. Steve Carrel plays quite a stinker of a role.

I haven’t been doing a lot of reading lately, but yesterday I read an Eloisa James novella, titled To Wed a Rake. So good! I enjoyed it immensely. She does such good chracter writing.

And that’s about all my news for today.

Going to try and get my hands on an IntelliGender today. Not that scientific, I don’t think. But a bit of fun. I have to go and get my prenatal vitamins anyway, so might as well 😉

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