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Week 18

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I am still enjoying the pregnancy enormously. Haven’t ¬†felt the first movements yet but the pregnancy books and websites assure me that up until 22 weeks is fine, and if you still haven’t felt anything, to ask your doctor. I’m so excited, though, to feel her little flutterings and kicks,

We have pretty much settled on a name: Vivienne Rose.

After much dithering on the spelling of Vivienne, we settled on this one, because it is so feminine and beautiful. Also, each letter is featured twice, which appeals to me greatly.And it has the same amount of letters in it as in my full name, Margaret.

We are going to pronoince it in the usual way, Vi-vee-un and not the French way.

Then the search for a second name. Because Vivienne is a bit of a mouthful, the second name has to be short. Ideally one syllable. We considered a couple. “May’ for instance, was Michael’s granny’s name. Then I suggested “Rose’ and Michael said he just loves it, I like it a lot, too, and they seem to go together really nicely.

As for me, as happy as I am, I’m really battling with the MS.

Like, really.

I’ll update tomorrow, for record keeping purposes.

Hoping and praying like mad that it will pass, as the one I had in January did.


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February 27, 2014 at 6:28 pm

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