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I took a good look at the 4D scan that I posted yesterday and had a good chuckle, because Vivienne is wearing her umbilical cord on her head like a hat 🙂 A girl’s earliest fashion accessory.

When I wake up in the morning and see my belly, I think “Oh no, look at the stretch marks that appeared overnight!” Then,on consideration, I realise that they are, in fact, pillow creases 🙂 And no, I most definitely don’t sleep on my stomach anymore. It’s the pillow that is next to me, lol.

This pregnancy has surprised me.

What I did expect:

At least some of the usual pregnancy symptoms. (Pretty much none, at this stage.)

To be quite huge by five months pregnant. (Not so much. I have a nice roundy little belly, but I’m still mostly in my own (elasticated) clothes.

What I was not prepared for:

Being plunged back into the MS wilderness, after five glorious, relapse-free years. (I really didn’t think this would happen.)

Anyway, the reason I am feeling happier is that the relapse appears to be backing off. (Bizarre, given my track-record but extremely welcome).

Symptoms that have improved:

My balance. No more of that feeling dizzy when I sit up in bed before I go to the bathroom at night.

Also, I can actually walk on the grass, which was a real challenge last week. (grass is surprisingly uneven if you have balance issues. I can also sit in the garden chair without it being a huge effort to avoid toppling over. Seriously, I felt exhausted after sitting in the garden for ten minutes.

I don’t have that spaced out, dizzy feeling anymore from not being able to focus my eyes properly. I think my vision is improving, too, though it is still not brilliant.

I have more energy (or it’s not so severely limited at any rate) and my walking is stronger. I can actually go to the shops with Michael without it being too huge an endeavour.

I’m not exacerbating anymore after eating a reasonably substantial meal. (Not much, anyway).

My balance is a bit better in the dark/ when I close my eyes.

My speech is better, too. While I wasn’t exactly slurring my words, I was finding it difficult to articulate some of them. This has passed.

New sympton:

I do have a new symptom, which is an intermittent numbness on my forehead. It feels rather like hair falling over my forehead, when there is none. I keep flicking away imaginary hair.

This doesn’t affect any function on my part, thankfully. It is mostly just annoying, but what it represents is more sinister. I’m hoping it will go away soon.

The trend seems to be, so far in the pregnancy, that a relapse lasts for about two weeks, and then eases off. I really hope this is the last one, however.


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March 16, 2014 at 8:45 pm

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  1. Hoping so too.


    March 17, 2014 at 9:51 am

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