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Feeling horrible :-(

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I feel so bad.

I really had no idea that everytyhing would unravel like this.:-(

On the plus side, I do ♥ my new gynaecologist. He is so nice, especially compared to the one that I left.The new doc requested a urine sample, which they tested. It was revealed that it contained nitrates and I was prescribed a one-off anti-biotic. Then he phoned me this morning to tell me two things. One, it was safe for me to take cortico-steroids for my MS relapse, and two, my urine sample, which had been cultured, showed bacteria that needed additional anti-biotics.

So now I have:

  • an MS relapse that I can’t handle anymore.
  • An almost anit-biotic resistant bladder infection.
  • Oh, and I’ve gotten Michael’s flu. The one that’s been going around.

I’m hardly going out at all anymore, and when I do, it floors me. Come to think of it, when I eat a reasonable-sized meal it floors me.

Getting a wee bit desperate. Not helped at all by the flu.

The doctors are divided about giving me cortico-steroids while pregnant. My neurologist still says no. My obstetrician/ gynaecologist is quite firm about wanting me to treat the MS relapse. He says it’s dangearous for me and the baby not to treat it. And he says that it (the meds) is generally considered safe for baby, especially at this stage of the pregnancy, where everything is already formed.

Apart from anything else, I am so weak and unbalanced that I worry about falling. And I can’t help stressing for most of the day. Because I am battling for most of the day.

But before I even think about taking cortisone, I need to get the flu and bladder infection under control.

I am feeling quite miserable.

And worried about Vivi Rose.

I just don’t know if I can hold out for another 3 months. I don’t know if there will be anything left of me.

Talking about Vivienne, had a sonar done on Monday and she’s looking fabulous. And weighing in just right. 842g at 26 weeks. And so pretty. I love her so much.

Maybe I’ll feel better once the flu and UTI pass. I sincerely hope so.

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April 17, 2014 at 8:58 pm

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