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Taking strain

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This pregnancy is much harder than i would have ever thought possible.

I have been relaping since January, and it is getting bad now. Not helped by the dizzy spells of positional low blood pressure!

On the one hand, I have my OB/GYN heartily recommending a short course of corticosteroids.

On the other hand, my neurologist, who is hesitant to give the go-ahead.

And then there is the sonar pic of the most beautiful little girl ever, who has stolen my heart and continues to do so with every movement in my belly.

On a practical notre, I am virtually house-bound. I am also hugely dependant on Michael, which is awkward as he isn’t here for most of the day. I can’t do any household chores, including cooking. Bathing is a scary endevour. Showering completely out of the question.

I fantasise about taking medicine to get better, especially before the caesarian section, scheduled 17 July. It would be bliss to feel better by then.

The medical profession seems to be rather divided about taking cortisone while pregnant. But generally it is considered safe for baby and necessary if the mom clearly needs it.

I am so conflicted. But things have ┬áregressed quite a lot since last week. I can’t sit in the garden anymore. Too wobbly.

I wish the ms would just bugger off and leave me in peace.

This baby was somewhat on the unplanned side, although we were admittedly (and intentionally, probably) being a tad reckless.But I wouldn’t swap her for anyting in the world. I love her so much.

Which is why I want to be able to care for her properly once she is here.

Like I said, this is really hard.

Maybe I should follow my Ob/Gyn’s advice. He is the expert, after all.

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May 24, 2014 at 7:02 pm

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3D scan

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The hospital where I am delivering offers a complimentary 3D scan, as part of the package. Co-pay of R100. The doctor is considered the scan expert in town. So withoout further ado, Vivienne…



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May 22, 2014 at 6:43 pm

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I feel awful.

On top of the MS walking issues, I have a severe case of orthostatic hypotension.

I’m too scared to walk anywhere in my own home, for fear of falling. I’m using the orthopaedic walker, which helps a bit, but still need to sit down when my blood pressure drops.

Another 8 weeks to go.
Don’t know if I can do this.
Feel like my vitality is draining away.

If I just knew that I would be okay once Vivienne is born, I would feel a lot better.

Luckily, she appoears to be 100% and is tipping the scales at over 1.6kg ­čÖé

I’m as pale as a ghost and so weak. I can hardly function.
If I had the energy, I would have a really good cry.

Written by Maggie

May 20, 2014 at 5:30 pm

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