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Time to pick up the ol’ blog…

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Bet everyone will be surprised to see a post from me in their blog feed reader. Haha.

But yes, it is time to start blogging again. I am losing too many precious memories by not journaling. And blogging seems to be the best way for me to journal. For a lot of us 🙂

I’m surprised I haven’t been blogging more, because it has been going really bad with my MS, and that is usually a trigger for me to blog.

But the thing is, I have been feeling too bad to blog. It has taken till now for me to be able to type reasonably again. At a stage it was almost impossible, that’s how badly my hand co-ordination was affected.

I’ve just been treated for a relpase. I was in hospital for two nights (7th and 8th May), which was kind of awful, being away from my Vivi Rosebud. Luckily, Michael is an extremely hands-on and capable father and they coped just fine without me.

The morning I was discharged, Vivi didn’t really want to smile at me, or make eye-contact much. She was confused at my two day disappearance (even though she did see me in hospital a couple of times).
She did get over it quickly, once she realised I was back to stay.
And that night we had a very special cuddle, with plenty of giggles and her stroking my face and hair so, so gently for ages. She held hippo (her lovey) up for me to kiss, and then dissolved into giggles when I did. Then she held her little hand up for me to kiss, looked deep into my eyes and stroked my cheek.
It was an incredibly special welcome home from hospital.

The relapse that I had treated was a scary one. The right side of my face suddenly got quite paralyzed. The corner of my mouth drooped, and speech got markedly difficult and slurred. My eye was sort of hanging, as well. And this all within the space of 24 hours. I phoned my neurologist, who said better that I have IV steroids a.s.a.p. I’ve subsequently been to Jhb to see him and he confirmed that it was a relapse, explained the whereabouts of the nerve damage, with the aid of some helpful diagrams and told me that it might take up to three months to recover!

Over the next day or two, I experienced disturbing muscle tone issues in my mouth, really battling to eat and swallow. Things that we all take way for granted, like moving food around your mouth with tongue, became challenging.

Today, though, I have noticed quite a dramatic improvement. With any lcuk, recovery will be speedy because I treated so soon. (Really, Wednesday I noticed problems with my speech, Thursday, I noticed that my smile was decided lopsided, and by Thursday evening, I was mainlining the first of my solu-medrol drips.) Hopefully this limited the rampage that such a relapse can wreak.

So, I’m over the worst. Relapse has been treated, and I am mostly over my cortisone crash. Which is no more fun than I remember it ever being.

This morning, Vivienne and I even went to our Mother’s and Miracles class, which we have skipped for a while.

Vivi is a truly remarkable child. I am in awe every day.

While I get into the swing of blogging again, here are a couple of highlights:

Teeth: two adorable little bottom teeth.
Crawling: yes, from the age of nine months.
Waving at her mommy: yes! As of a couple of days ago, and it justs melts me.

Rocky start, but hopefully it will become a habit again 🙂

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May 14, 2015 at 4:50 pm

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